ECAR Sunday Night Net

Net Control Script

Use the following procedure to run Net Control for Erie County ARES/RACES. Begin the net PROMPTLY at the designated 1900hrs. start time with the following
(read text in red):

“Calling the Western New York Emergency Net, Calling the Western New York Emergency Net, this is WB2ECR net control.  If there is any emergency or priority traffic on frequency, please call WB2ECR now.”   

> Listen for traffic  

“This net is held every Sunday at 1900 hours on the 146.865 MHz. and 443.525 MHz. WB2ECR repeaters. Both have a positive offset with a tone of 151.4.  The net may also be held on the W2SO repeater, with a frequency of 147.255 MHz positive offset and a tone of 107.2.  If all repeaters are down, the net will be held on 147.420 MHz. simplex.  This net is sponsored by ARES/RACES of Western New York. This is a directed net; all licensed amateurs are invited to check in.  When checking in, please call WB2ECR, drop the repeater, then give your call-sign (not phonetically unless directed by net control) and state if you have any comments for the net. “ 

“We will now take check-ins from ARES/RACES officials only. Please call WB2ECR now.”   

 > Acknowledge Check-ins    

“We will now take check-ins from portables and mobiles only. Please call WB2ECR  now.”   

 > Acknowledge Check-ins    

“We will now take check-ins from base stations. Please call WB2ECR now.”  

> Acknowledge Check-ins
> Make announcements
> Call officials with traffic.
> Call portables and mobiles with traffic.
> Call general bases stations with traffic.
> Ask if there are any stations that wish to volunteer for the events listed in the announcements.
> Second call for general check-ins.  

Close the net with the following statement:

“This is WB2ECR stroke(Your Call) closing the Western New York Emergency Net; thanking all stations who checked in and thanking the repeater trustee for the use of the repeater, now returning said repeater back to normal amateur use.  Thank you and good evening.” 

Click here for a PDF version of the script

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