General Announcements

Erie County ARES/RACES schedules regular meetings the second Monday of every month except for August at 1930 hrs. at the Erie County Emergency Services Training and Operations Center, 3359 Broadway, just east of Union Road. 

Anyone wishing to join Erie County ARES should attend the meeting. You can also contact Emergency Coordinator Vince N2JRS at
There is also a fillable PDF application located on the ECAR website at 

The next scheduled meeting will be Monday April 10th at 7:30PM. Meeting topic to be determined. Those that had photos taken you can pick up your their ARES ID at the April meeting.. If you missed the March meeting, you can have your photo taken at the April meeting.

Net Control Ops – check the schedule. It has been updated through the May of 2023.
If you cannot run the net on your assigned night, please arrange for a fill-in!

At the present time we only have your three stations in the net control rotation. Please consider helping out by volunteering for a net control slot. It’s not difficult and it is good practice in controlling a directed net (it also fulfills one of the ARES Task Book requirements.) Contact Vince N2JRS by email at if you are interested.

Check out the ‘Training Page’ on the ECAR website.
There are links to several pages with info on various types of training available.
All are encouraged to complete the ARES Standardized Training Plan Task Book that has been added.
Check it out today! If you have suggestions on additional training we can list here, email Ed W2GUT. His email address is

If you are not on the email reflector for ECAR, please email Ed W2GUT at to get an invite.

Events and Happenings   

The Ride for Roswell is scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 24th. The layout on the UB North campus will be quite different than in past years. The start/finish line will be located to the northwest of the former location. Also, Roswell will be restarting the Canada route in 2023. More details will be forthcoming. Please reserve the date.

Other Note Worthy Nets

The following are ARES/RACES nets in neighboring counties: 

Niagara County ARES holds their weekly net every Sunday at 1800 hrs on the N3AU repeater system consisting of the following repeaters: 443.925 MHz, positive offset, tone of 151.4, 442.575 MHz, positive offset, tone of 107.2, 224.420 MHz, negative offset, tone of 107.2, and Echolink Node 8718.  

The Niagara County RACES Net can be heard at the following times and on the following repeaters:
Each Sunday at 1830 hours on 444.625 MHz, positive offset W2OM repeater with a DCS code of 125.
The second edition of the Net starts at approximately 1845 hours each Sunday on the 146.820 MHz, negative offset W2RUI repeater with a tone of 107.2. 

The Niagara Region ARES net is held on Mondays at 2000 hours on the 145.190MHz, negative offset, VE3RAF repeater with a tone of 107.2

Our local National Traffic System Net, the Western District Net, covers the thirteen westernmost counties in NY State. They meet at 2130 Tuesday through Sunday on the 145.39MHz, negative offset K2XZ Delevan repeater, and on Mondays on the 146.64Mhz, negative offset K2XZ Wethersfield repeater. Stations unable to access these repeaters can also check in via relay on the 444 MHz, positive offset WA2HKS repeater.

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